Driving abroad

Am I allowed to drive abroad?

Yes, you are allowed to drive abroad with your :Dribe car. However, there are certain countries where you are not permitted to drive, as the insurance does not cover those areas. You can find the list below:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus (Belarus), Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, North Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, or Hungary.

What should I remember when driving abroad?

Prepare yourself thoroughly for driving abroad with your Ride. We have compiled a checklist for your trip:

  • Motorway toll stickers. These can be purchased from FDM.

  • Your rental agreement. You can always find your rental agreement in the app, but it's a good idea to download it in case of poor signal.

  • Save the phone number of your car brand's mobility guarantee. They can assist you in case of breakdown or accidents abroad. Find the numbers on our contact page here.

  • If the mobility guarantee doesn't cover abroad. Contact SOS in case of an accident, illness, or car trouble abroad. Save the SOS phone number (70 10 50 52) on your mobile phone and download the SOS app so they can locate you. Download it on the App Store here or on Google Play here.

  • Warning triangle. It's mandatory in many countries. There should already be one in your car. If not, contact Customer Care.

  • First aid kit. It's mandatory in many countries.

  • Safety vests for all passengers. Mandatory in many countries. You can buy safety vests at hardware stores and car dealerships.

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The yellow health insurance card is no longer valid abroad. Therefore, bring the blue European Health Insurance Card, which covers EU, EEA, and Switzerland.

  • Adjust tire pressure.The more luggage you have, the more air your tires need. Always pay attention to your car's tire pressure and adjust according to the amount of luggage.

  • For winter trips, consider adding Snow shovel, towing rope, windshield washer fluid suitable for winter conditions, and snow chains may be useful in some countries. Read the specific rules for different countries. Snow chains can be purchased from various retailers or from FDM.