What does it cost to :Dribe compared to leasing and buying a car?

Example of price comparison

If you would like to know how you can compare prices yourself, we have created a quick guide just below the table. Our price comparison is from www.skoda.dk. If you have any questions about our price comparison, please contact our customer service at 70 23 74 23.

Skoda, Kamiq

Blackline 1,5 TSI 150 DSG

Price comparison between leasing, buy and Dribe




Base Price

315.995 kr.

315.995 kr.

315.995 kr.

Residual Value

157.997 kr.

Initial payment / down payment:

0 kr.

4.995 kr.

63.518 kr.

Monthly payment

4.699 kr.

3.760 kr.

3.491 kr.

Service and repair agreement

0 kr.

0 kr.

229 kr.


0 kr.

450 kr.

450 kr.

Glas insurance

0 kr.

49 kr.

49 kr.

Roadside service

0 kr.

0 kr.

0 kr.

Green ownership tax

0 kr.

100 kr.

100 kr.

Binding period

30 days

12 months

48 months

Dæk & dækskifte

0 kr.

198 kr.

218 kr.

Kilometers per year




Total cost per month

With summer tires: 4.699 kr.

4.973 kr.

5.860 kr.

With winter tires: 4.949

Total cost per year

Summer: 57.888 kr.

59.676 kr.

70.320 kr.

The price for the car is collected from the Skoda website august 17th 2023. For private leasing, the tire price is 596 per winter tire, with the cost spread out over 12 months for depreciation. With a financed purchase, a complete set of winter wheels costs 10,465, and this expense is depreciated over a 48-month period. The initial payment for financing is distributed over 48 months and there's an additional charge of 49 kroner for the optional glass insurance. We change to winter tires from the 15th of october to the 15th of april.

Checklist for when you do your own price comparison:
  • Is the car the same make, model and year?

  • Does the car have the same engine?

  • Does the car have the same equipment package?

  • Does the agreement cover free replacement of winter tires like :Dribe?

  • Is there a down payment or a deposit? This must also be factored into the price.

  • What will it cost if you want to change cars because your needs change? With Dribe, it's free when you've had the car for at least 30 days.

  • Is insurance included in the price? At Dribe, insurance is included in the price.

  • Is the Green Vehicle Tax included in the price? At Dribe, the green vehicle tax is included in the monthly price.

  • Is roadside assistance included in the price? At Dribe, roadside assistance is included in the price.

  • Can you give up having a car completely for a shorter period of time? At Dribe, you can, for example, drop off your car when you are going on a long summer holiday. There is no reason to keep an expensive car in the garage when you are not using it.

  • How many km are included? And what is the cost of overrun km? At Dribe, you can change your need for km continuously in the app. the vast majority of cars cost DKK 1 per traveled km.