Tips for you with an Electric Car

Can I get unlimited charging with a Dribe car?

With :Dribe's Power Package+, you can collect points for a Day2Day Ride.

Here's how it works:

When you book your electric car in the app, you can add the "Power Package+". This way, you accumulate points each month that you can use for a Day2Day Ride.

When you want to use your earned points, you open the app, select Day2Day Rides, and on the payment page, you can choose to "pay" with your accumulated points.

The app shows you the value of your earned points in Danish kroner and ører.

Please note that you lose your accumulated points, when you return your electric car.


Power Package+ gives you extra benefits:

With an electric car at :Dribe, you have additional advantages, because we understand that you might need extra space or take longer trips occasionally. Therefore, you collect points in your Day2Day Balance every month which can be used for a bigger car the days you need it or even a fossil fueled car for the longer trips.

With a Clever subscription at :Dribe, you can charge as much as you want throughout Denmark for only 799 DKK per month.

You also have the option to purchase your own charging station from Clever.

Learn more about getting your own charging station from Clever here.