General usage of the vehicle

How can I use my Dribe car?

Can others use the car?

Yes, you can add your friends and family as additional drivers or Co:Dribers. You can add Co:Dribers under "Profile" in the :Dribe app. See more below.

How do I add Co:Dribers?

In the app, under "Profile," you can add Co:Dribers when a :Driber has registered additional drivers for the car. Note: If you add a Co:Driber between 21-25 years old (Young Co:Driber), you will be required to pay an insurance supplement of 200 DKK / 30 days. A Co:Driber is allowed to drive the car, but they must be added to the app first so they are included in the rental agreement. It's your responsibility to scan the extra Co:Driber's or driver's license in the app, so you are covered by the insurance in case of an accident. When you do this, the rental agreement will be automatically updated, and the person will be listed as a user of the car. If you are stopped by the police, you must be able to present a valid rental agreement with any additional driver at all times. You can find the current rental agreement in the :Dribe app. If you have lent out the car, you should either print the rental agreement and place it in the car, or you can email it to the additional driver, who can then present it digitally to the police.

Specifics about Young Co:Driber.

Note that when you add Co:Dribers aged 21-25, you will pay an insurance supplement of 200 DKK / 30 days. Payment will only take effect when you activate Young Co:Driber on your Ride. You will not be charged for Young Co:Driber insurance if there are no Young Co:Dribers associated with your account. If you are a Young :Driber yourself, you can add a Young Co:Driber "for free," as you already pay the insurance supplement of 200 DKK.

Can I smoke in the car?

No, smoking is not allowed in :Dribe's cars. If there has been smoking in the car or other air/odor issues, it requires professional cleaning, and you will be charged 4,999 DKK including VAT.

Can I have pets in the car?

No, it is not allowed to have pets in the car. If there have been pets in the car requiring professional cleaning, you will be charged 3,449 DKK including VAT.

Can I install extra equipment on the car?

You are allowed to install extra equipment on the car, however, you must ensure that the car is returned to its original condition upon drop-off.

Can I use the car for business purposes/rental?

No, the car may not be used for commercial purposes such as taxi, rental, delivery, etc.