Before you become a Driber

What does it cost to Dribe compared to leasing?

We have created a straightforward guide so you can compare prices for your upcoming car.

Price Comparison Checklist:
  • Is the car the same brand, model, and year?

  • Does the car have the same engine?

  • Does the car have the same equipment package?

  • Does the agreement cover free winter tire changes like Dribe?

  • Is there a down payment or deposit? This should also be included in the price.

  • What will it cost if you want to change the car due to changing needs? With Dribe, it's free after having the car for at least 30 days.

  • Can you temporarily give up having a car for a shorter period? With Dribe, for example, you can return your car when you go on a long summer vacation. There's no need to have an expensive car sitting in the garage when you're not using it.

  • How many kilometers are included? And what does it cost for exceeded kilometers? With Dribe, you can adjust your mileage needs in the app. Most cars cost 1 DKK per exceeded kilometer.

  • Is insurance included in the price? At Dribe, insurance is included in the price.

  • Is green vehicle tax included in the price? At Dribe, green vehicle tax is included in the monthly price.

  • Is roadside assistance included in the price? At Dribe, roadside assistance is included in the price.

Example of Price Comparison

Here you can see a price comparison for a Skoda Kamiq between leasing and car subscription at :Dribe.

Our price comparison is from If you have any questions about our price comparison, please contact our customer service at 70 23 74 23