General usage of the vehicle

How do I manage parking permits and fines?

Parking and Speeding Fines

Any form of fine is not included in the agreement, and you will be charged for these via your credit card. Fee for handling public fees, parking fines, etc.: DKK 299 including VAT.

Residential Parking Permit

If you live in a paid parking area, you can apply for a resident parking permit. When you pick up your Everyday Ride, you will receive a rental agreement for the car. You can find the rental agreement in the app. You need to upload this when applying for a resident parking permit. NOTE: It is your responsibility to cancel the parking permit when you return the car to :Dribe. A parking permit is tied to the car's registration number. So, if you need a new Everyday Ride, you also need to remember to reapply for a resident parking permit.