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Terms of Use  1. General 

The Dribe service is provided by the company 

CFCO A/S under subname, Dribe A/S (”we” or ”us”) Park Allé 355 

2605 Brøndby CVR-nr. 38 72 91 44 

1.2 These terms ('the Terms of Use') apply to your Dribe user. When you create your Dribe user, you will also be asked to accept the Terms of Use. We encourage you to carefully read the Terms of Use before creating your user. 

 2. User Account  

2.1 Dribe is a digital user platform that provides short-term vehicle rentals. When you create a Dribe user account, you gain access to rent vehicles through the Dribe application, providing you with an easy and flexible way to replace your vehicle based on your specific needs. 

2.2 You can only access vehicle rentals through the Dribe application if you have a valid user account. 

2.3 You can create a user account with Dribe if you are (i) at least 21 years old, (ii) in possession of a valid credit card-sized driving license, (iii) have a [INSERT COUNTRY, E.G., DANISH] social security number, (iv) have a [INSERT COUNTRY, E.G., DANISH] residential address, (v) have a valid Visa (Visa or Visa/Dankort) or Mastercard credit card, (vi) have had three years of claim-free driving in terms of reported insurance claims in the period leading up to the creation of your user account, and (vii) are creditworthy. 

2.4 When creating your Dribe user account, you grant Dribe A/S permission to verify the personal information you have provided, and this information will subsequently be cross-referenced with your NemID, which is used for digital confirmation that you accept the creation of the user profile. 

2.5 Upon request by Dribe A/S, you must be able to demonstrate three years of claim-free driving in the period leading up to the creation of your user account. 

2.6 Users may be rejected based on an elevated or increased risk assessment, even if three years of claim-free driving can be demonstrated. As the insurance is calculated on an average basis, a user may have their user profile terminated if it is assessed that the insurance provider does not wish to provide insurance due to a high risk. 

2.6.1 Dribe reserves the right to continuously assess the risk of users and terminate the user if it is deemed that the risk is elevated or increased. 

2.7 Upon request by Dribe A/S, you must be able to provide relevant documents to assess your creditworthiness. These documents include annual statements from [INSERT NAME OF REGIONAL TAX AUTHORITIES] (the [INSERT COUNTRY, E.G., DANISH] tax authorities) and salary slips from your employer. 

2.8 You may only use your own information when creating your user account, and your login to the Dribe application is personal and may only be used by you. In the event of unauthorized use, you will be held responsible for any fees, consumption, and any associated costs incurred due to the unauthorized use. 

2.9 You are obligated to ensure that all of your user information is up-to-date at all times, including your contact information, and you can update your user information in the Dribe application at any time. 

2.10 Once you have created a Dribe user account, you can rent vehicles within two different categories: "Everyday Ride" and "Day2Day Ride." 

2.10.1 As a Dribe user, you can rent vehicles within the "Day2Day Ride" category if you have had a vehicle within the "Everyday Ride" category within the last 90 days from the pickup time of your Day2Day Ride. The 90 days are counted from the return of your latest "Everyday Ride." 

2.11 You can reserve the vehicle you wish to rent within the Dribe application when you have a valid Dribe user account. 

2.12 When you rent a vehicle, you enter into a Rental Agreement with Dribe A/S regarding the use of the vehicle, in addition to the Terms of Use. The rental agreement specifies the type of vehicle, the duration of the rental period, and the cost of renting the vehicle. Before entering into the Rental Agreement, you have the option to choose pickup and drop-off locations from Dribe A/S' pickup and drop-off facilities. 

2.13 You can only take out one vehicle at a time in the "Everyday Ride" category. This means that you can only pick up a new "Everyday Ride" vehicle once you have returned the "Everyday Ride" vehicle you currently have in use. However, you can still book a new vehicle within the Dribe application before returning the vehicle you currently have in use. 

2.14 Dribe A/S charges prices for vehicle rentals and related services and fees according to the applicable Price list, which can be found on the Dribe application and Dribe website. The Price list is an integral part of the parties' contractual basis. The current version of the price list can always be found on the Dribe application and Dribe website. Section 5.6 and the price list specify when Dribe A/S has the opportunity to make changes to prices and fees. 

 3. Commercement and Termination  

3.1 Your user account comes into effect on the day you create and register as a user. 

3.2 It is a prerequisite for terminating your user profile that your current rental vehicle(s) are returned to Dribe A/S, any binding periods on your rental agreement have expired, and the rental agreement has been terminated in accordance with the Terms of the Rental Agreement. If you have future orders or reservations at the time of termination, they will be automatically canceled. In this regard, please be aware that you are not entitled to a refund for prepaid rent for a "Day2Day Ride" vehicle. A canceled order for an "Everyday Ride" category vehicle incurs a cancellation fee according to Dribe's current Price list. 

3.3 You terminate your user account within the Dribe application. 

3.4 In the event of a significant breach of the Terms of Use, entered Rental Agreement(s), or User terms for the Dribe application, Dribe A/S can terminate your user account without notice. 

3.5 Dribe A/S can otherwise terminate your user profile with 30 days' notice. 

 4. Payment  

4.1 When you register as a Dribe user, you must also register a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card on the Dribe mobile application, which can be used for payment of vehicle rentals, etc. The credit card used must have an expiration date that is after the end of the rental period. Once payment has been made with your card, you will receive an invoice. 

4.2 In addition to the Terms of Use, the 'Terms for Automatic Card Payment' also apply (sent together with the Terms of Use). These can be found in the Dribe Application at any time. 

4.3 Only Danish private credit cards can be used as a means of payment. You are obligated to ensure that there are sufficient funds for the amount due on the registered credit card, and that the card is active when you register as a user and register your credit card. If you replace your credit card, you are obligated to inform us of the new card details for future payments. 

4.4 There is no right of withdrawal for car rentals via the Dribe Application in accordance with the consumer agreement law. 


5. Changes to Terms of Use 

5.1 Dribe A/S reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use, including prices and fees. 

5.2 In the event of significant changes to the Terms of Use, you will be notified when logging in to the Dribe application, and you will be asked to review and accept the amended Terms of Use. 

5.3 Significant changes to the Terms of Use shall be notified to you with a notice of at least 30 days prior to the expiration of a rental period, and during the notice period, you can terminate your user account with a notice of 7 days, regardless of the binding period. 

5.4 Significant changes will be notified through the Dribe Application and through individual communication, e.g., email and SMS. 

5.5 Any change to the Terms of Use must be made in writing to be valid. 

5.6 Dribe A/S has the option to change prices, fees, and other terms in specific situations. It is unfortunately not possible to create a comprehensive list, but here are some examples of situations where we have the ability to change prices: 


5.6.1 External Costs 

Dribe A/S' pricing depends on the prices and costs we have for the purchase of the vehicles that you can rent through Dribe. A higher purchase price may result in potential price increases for you when renting a vehicle.  It may also include costs from other external parties in connection with Dribe's provision of services to our customers, such as providing payment solutions, increases in interest costs, or increases from other distributors.  

5.6.2 Inflation 

If prices in society generally rise, it affects our costs, and we may therefore need to adjust our prices in line with inflation. 

We have chosen to set prices in society as of January 1, 2017, at index 100 and can adjust our prices based on the general price development in society. 

If the price changes, we will adjust it based on one or more of the common price indices compiled by recognized external institutions. 

 This means that if inflation has been, for example, 5% in the years 2017-2019, we can change the price by 5% in 2019 relative to 2017.  

5.6.3 Changed Legislation, Regulation, or Practice 

The taxation area for cars is regulated by legislation and other rules that are frequently changed. Such changes or, for example, a new judicial or administrative practice may require us to make changes to terms and prices. 

5.6.4 Product Changes 

A change to one of Dribe's products may, for example, be due to the fundamental assumptions of the product being altered. This could be due to changed legislation, altered customer requirements, or competitive conditions. It could also be because the demand no longer supports offering a product in its current form.  

5.6.5 Incentive for More Efficient Customer Behavior 

The administration of user agreements, rental agreements, or related special services may impose unforeseen internal or external costs that can be directly attributed to delivery in accordance with a customer's user account or rental agreement. In this regard, it may be necessary to make changes to prices and terms that create an incentive for Dribe's customers to choose more efficient economic solutions.  6. Use of Personal Data and Marketing 

6.1 When you create your Dribe user, Dribe A/S will register, and process personal data related to your user profile. You can learn more about our processing of your personal data in our privacy policy, which you can find here. 

7. Obligation to Provide Information 

7.1 You are obligated to inform Dribe A/S about changes to your email, phone number, and the credit card associated with your user profile. You must update these changes in Dribe's application. 

7.2 Dribe A/S' communication with you, including notifications of changes, is considered to have been received by you when such notifications are made in the Dribe application and subsequently sent to you via email or SMS. 

8. Complaints 

8.1 You can file a complaint regarding Dribe's services or matters related to your user by submitting a written request to info@dribe.dk 

8.2 Furthermore, you can contact Nævnenes Hus, Center for Klageløsning, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, email: nh@naeveneshus.dk or use the European Commission's online complaint portal http://ec.europa.eu/odr to submit a complaint. 

 9 Choice of Law 

9.1 Enhver uenighed, ethvert krav eller enhver tvist, der måtte opstå, eller som gælder Brugerbetingelserne eller din bruger hos Dribe, skal afgøres efter dansk ret ved de danske domstole, med forbehold for de ufravigelige regler om forbrugerbeskyttelse, der er gældende i det land, hvor du har bopæl. 

9.1 Any disagreement, claim, or dispute arising from or related to the Terms of Use or your Dribe user shall be settled according to Danish law by the Danish courts, subject to the mandatory consumer protection rules applicable in the country of your residence. 


10. Additional Information 

10.1 If you have any questions regarding your Dribe user, you can contact Dribe's Customer Care at info@dribe.dk