Before you become a Driber

How much does it cost?

The price is shown in the app and is initially based on 1000 km per month. The price varies based on your choices within:


You can choose from 1000 to 4800 km per month, and the price is adjusted accordingly. Additional kilometers are calculated when you return the car and typically cost 1 DKK/km.

Winter tires:

During the winter season from October 15th to April 15th, you pay for winter tires. The price depends on the tire size and will be included in the visible monthly payment on the website and in the app.


You can choose various add-ons, some as one-time payments – for example, cancellation insurance and final cleaning; others are ongoing and follow the car's performance – like the Power Package, which is paid monthly along with your electric car.

Fixed return date:

When you book the car, you can choose a predetermined return date – an agreed-upon date when you return or exchange your car. You are not obligated to return the car on this date, but if you do, it will result in approximately a 5% monthly savings for the time you have had the car.

Price comparisons:

Here you can see examples of price comparisons and find our guide on what to remember when comparing prices for leasing, buying, and subscription.