Before you become a Driber

What is included in the price?

Most of it – except for consumables.

Despite that, sometimes there can be doubts about what's included – so let us explain it a bit further.

Green vehicle tax:

We take care of the green vehicle tax, so you don't have to worry about extra bills.


Insurance is always included in your subscription, and your deductible is 5,000 DKK. Your insurance includes comprehensive and liability insurance, but you are responsible for damages up to the deductible amount. That means, if you have a damage repair cost of 12,500 DKK at the workshop, your deductible covers 5,000 DKK – the insurance covers the rest If you are under 26 years old, you will automatically pay an insurance surcharge. This is included in the price you see in the app when you enter your age.

Roadside assistance:

Roadside assistance is included, so you are covered if you need help on the road. If your Ride needs to be towed to a service partner or workshop by the respective car brand's roadside assistance, and it takes more than 24 hours from the time you contacted roadside assistance until the car is ready to drive, you can request a free loan car from the workshop. A loan car is provided on the next working day if your Ride goes to the workshop on weekends or public holidays. You can find phone numbers and a list of situations where roadside assistance is covered for the different car brands. See more here.

Mobility guarantee:

We ensure that you can always continue your journey if an accident happens. We always refer to what we call the mobility guarantee if you need roadside assistance. Find phone numbers and a list of situations where roadside assistance is covered for the different car brands here.

Special note on free loan car if your car needs to go to the workshop:

The free loan car is provided by the respective workshop for up to five working days (Audi) or three working days (Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat) with unlimited kilometers. So, it is not :Dribe that provides the loan car. If you return your car and it requires more than the available days with the free loan car, an extended period with a loan car will be agreed upon with the respective workshop. The only expenses you need to pay are fuel, optional insurance, and possibly a drop-off fee if the workshop offers to deliver the car to you or if you want to return the car to a location other than the designated location by the rental company. Always make sure you have an agreement in place with your workshop before leaving.

Kilometer package:

You always get 1,000 km included in your subscription per month. You can choose the kilometer package that best suits your needs when you order your Ride. When you pick up the car, we automatically read the odometer. For every 30 days you drive, you get your chosen kilometer package. Settlement always takes place upon return. Example: If you have chosen a kilometer package of 1,000 km and return your car after 90 days, you have earned a total of 3,000 km (3 x 1,000 km). When you return the car, we compare the odometer reading at pick up and drop off. If you have driven 3,500 km during that period, you will be charged for the 500 km exceeded at the specified mileage rate for the respective Ride. Unused kilometers are not transferred from Ride to Ride. So, if you had driven 2,500 km in the above example, you will not have the last 500 km transferred to your next Ride.

Winter tires in the winter season:

We prioritize safety, and therefore your subscription from October 15 to April 15 will be slightly more expensive due to the cost of winter tires on your Everyday Ride. We will remind you to switch to winter or summer tires, but you are responsible for coming in and delivering the car for tire change at our tire partner, Euromaster. The additional price for your winter tires varies by tire size, and you can see the prices in the table below. This is also shown in the app when you book. You will be charged for winter tires on a monthly basis, and you will see the price on your monthly subscription invoice. Tire change at Euromaster: When you need to switch to summer or winter tires, you need to contact Euromaster. You will receive instructions by email on how to do it all. Read more about tire change here.

Tire size



200 DKK


200 DKK


250 DKK


250 DKK


300 DKK


350 DKK


550 DKK


When your car needs service, simply contact your nearest brand-specific car workshop. Service is included in your agreement with us, and your car will notify you in the infodisplay when it's time.

Note: It is essential to adhere to the service appointments! Worst case scenario, the factory warranty may be forfeited if the service is overdue.