Expected condition upon Drop off

Are you uncertain about the expectations for your car's condition upon return? At :Dribe, we have a Fair Wear & Tear principle, but for the sake of transparency, we've categorized the condition of the car into two categories: "acceptable damages" and "non-acceptable damages."

Here you can read more about our Fair Wear and Tear policy.

Repair of damages falling under the 'Non-Acceptable' category will be billed to you as the user, in accordance with the applicable deductible or the price list.

Fees and possible additional costs

Our guidelines, policies and rules for :Dribing are crucial, and naturally, we expect our customers to adhere to them. Failure to do so may lead to costs or losses on our part. Here's an overview of the worst-case fees you might incur if you don't use the car as intended.

That being said, it's important to emphasize that fees are not and will never be a source of revenue for :Dribe. The amounts below are determined based on the direct costs we incur in each situation or the indirect losses resulting from a car's underutilization. For instance, if a car is returned with damages and needs to be repaired.


Standard prices for repairing minor damage and missing items

Administrative character

If you fail to uphold the condition of the car or rental agreement

Price changes

What does my insurance cover?

Your insurance includes comprehensive and liability insurance, but you yourself are liable for damages up to the excess amount. However, the excess is limited to a maximum of DKK 5,000 per damage.

Deductible of DKK 5,000

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Assisted inspection

Our "Assisted Inspection" service is designed for those who wish to be present throughout the process as we inspect the car for damages. The process remains the same whether you are there or not.

Remember, the assisted inspection can only be ordered at the Søborg location.

How it works


Schedule inspection

When you're ready to return your car, simply book an appointment for an assisted inspection. You can do this directly in the app under "My Ride" and "Assisted inspection".


Arrive at the location

On the day of your assisted inspection, you show up at the location. The inspection takes approximately 30 minutes. Make sure, the car is cleaned before your scheduled appointment.


Personal guidance

During the inspection, our experts will provide you with personal guidance, answer your questions and ensure that all necessary steps are followed.


Detailed assessment

Our experts will carefully assess the condition of the car and note any wear and tear that has occurred during your subscription. This assessment will be documented in a comprehensive report for the sake of transparency, which you will receive after the inspection.

Get answers to your questions

To help you get all the answers you need for your peace of mind, we've created a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with plenty information om damages.